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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We are proud to say that we have came up with brilliant follower gaining model. We have created 12 (number will grow) REAL and active niche accounts. We provide value to our followers via our posts.

You choose most relevant niche to you and then our bots go to work. They scan followers of selected niche. Each follower is further analysed - who he/she follows and who follows him/her. People tend to follow people with similar mindset and behaviour so you followers will be niche related.

In matter of minutes we collect huge list of active usernames. Then we employ our army of dummy accounts in that niche. Each of them are then scheduled to repost our main account photos tagging people from the collected list. Potential users are tags suggesting to follow your account. Around 1/10 users get interested and follow you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we work sustainably, we wish to help you and grow ourselves avoiding any penalties. Therefore, all follower requested are queued and we process them one by one. Before starting our work we crawl your profile. If you have few followers (0-100) we send small amounts of followers to you at first and increase the amount each day. This will ensure that your account also look natural in the eyes of Instragram admins.

Our system is powered by MonsterSocial Instagram module.

What's it in for us?

Unfortunately we are have to pay our bills which costs quite a lot. We get income via surveys you finish. This does not cost you anything and helps you get quality followers free. We remind that similar quality followers at sites like Followers24 would cost you great deal of money (1000 followers - $29.99, 5000 - $79.99).